Sylvia Raju, MSW, RSW

When our values and behaviours are in alignment – we struggle less. Out of this perspective “Level Living Counselling & Consulting” was born.  Healing work is an exploration, one that requires us to make sense of what we have come to believe about ourselves and about the world around us. Our past experiences informs us, but our ability to recognize how and when they show up in our today, this is where the healing begins.

As a Master level therapist, my focus is to offer you a safe space to strengthen and improve the relationship you have with yourself.  For almost 20 years now, I have provided mental health counselling to adults, children, and families.  To reach out and ask for help is an incredible act of courage. When you find the courage to reach out, I promise you will not be met with a "one-size fits all" approach to healing.  Instead we will together explore the challenges you are facing and map out an individualized therapy plan just for you. A plan that clearly takes your specific circumstances and unique story into consideration. 

My integrative approach to therapy will help you move forward in life by guiding you through a process of change that gently and safely supports you to re-discover feelings of wholeness, connection, and wellness.

Many folks whom I have counselled have reported feeling alone and never good-enough, regardless of achievements and relationships. This is how trauma functions. To simplify this, when trauma has not had a chance to be properly processed, events/memories never quite make it into the history section of your mind and body.  This can leave you in a constant state of overwhelm - adding an unnecessary heaviness or flatness to any given moment.  Together is how trauma must be healed - wrapped in a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship. By processing and re-organizing some of your deep rooted feelings you can begin to make space for hope, joy, and a renewed sense of ease to enter your life.  As much as I value traditional talk-therapy methods of change, I have found it very helpful to incorporate Expressive-Play Therapy methods such as sand tray work too. Especially when when trying to resolve deep seeded beliefs and feelings.