Gumboot Parenting Workshops

*steering kids away from anxiety*


Developed out of 20 years of mental health counselling experience with children, parents, caregivers, and families.

Gumboot Parenting Workshops provide a unique small group opportunity for caregivers to learn how to steer children away from worry and anxiety.  Our society has come to demand a level of chronic stress and isolation that seems to have many becoming more rule-based in their thinking.  As anxiety overwhelms we instinctually withdraw emotionally and become more rule based in our interactions. If parenting methods become too rigid, the parent-child relationship along with a child’s sense of self can become weakened.

Gumboot Parenting provides clear strategies that will simplify your role as a caregiver. Increased self-awareness and becoming more emotionally literate are the focal points in this workshop. Attachment and Trauma theories provide the underpinnings for these workshops. Parents will learn to become more flexible in how they communicate and engage with their children, which can have a very positive effect on a child’s behaviours, including their anxiety.


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 Level I - Gumboot Introductory (3 hrs):

This introductory class sets the foundation for subsequent parenting workshop Gumboot Parenting - Growth series. A heart centred approach that takes the blame and shame off the shoulders of parents.  Providing a gentle look into how we evolved into the parents we are today.   This class will provide concrete examples of how the process of parenting is actually a lot less complicated than we tend to make it.    

Gumboot Intro encourages a new perspective that provides clarity and strives to diminish feelings of self-blame and guilt when it comes to parenting. It encourages emotional capacity and self-awareness.  Grounded in attachment, post-structural, and trauma theory, I provide an initial 3 hour session that allows for parents to gain a new perspective and gather concrete tools on how to steer kids away from anxiety. For many, this workshop is the first step towards a more manageable and enjoyable parenting journey. 

*Level I workshop includes one 3 hour class*

Level II - Gumboot Growing:

Building on Level I, this workshop series delves more deeply into specific skills explored in Gumboot Intro. This interactive small group opportunity allows you to learn, practice, refine, and integrate new parenting skills each week.  Should you fully engage in this workshop experience (including some basic homework), you will absolutely leave with a greater capacity and understanding for how to parent your child/children.

Week #1 – Boundary setting and Parenting foundations

Week #2.  Emotional coaching, EQ (including trigger management)

Week #3 - Perspective taking & flexible thinking

Week #4 - Develop and complete individualized parenting plan specific to one child 

 *Level II workshop series includes 4 sessions (2 hour class once a week for 4 consecutive weeks).*

*please See schedule/fees section for upcoming dates*